2 years of practice – Remake of “Protect” – Art in Progress

2018 I made this watercolor illustration of a lady holding and protecting a little fox. My skills weren’t good enough to show her arms and hands, so now it looks like a fox head is growing out of her chest. This was exaaaactly what I wanted to paint.. not.

So two years and many studies later I decided to repaint it in my current style.

I drew a woman holding a fox and transfered the sketch onto smooth 300g/m watercolor paper with a light table.

Masking fluid to protect the figure while painting the background.

The background is a wet wash of different colors – I chose Moonglow by Daniel Smith and Burnt Sienna from Schmincke to be my main colors. I’ve painted some plants on the still wet surface to get smoother edges.

Most of the time I try to use only 2-3 main colors per illustration to achieve a cohesive look.

This is why I used thinned down burnt sienna for the fox – the fur details were made with a more saturated mix.

For the skin I used a veeeery light mix of orange/burnt sienna and cadmium red. Moonglow for the shadows. You can see my palette – these are the only colors I’ve used for this whole painting!

I tried to use some details from the original painting.

The best part – golden details!

Aaaand that’s it 🙂 I have to admit, I’m not 100% happy with the result but I’m still pretty amazed to see the progress I’ve made in only two years. And I didn’t even practice constantly!

And the new painting transportes the message way better and this is key to illustration, isn’t it?

What do you think? <3

2 Comments on “2 years of practice – Remake of “Protect” – Art in Progress”

  1. Wunderschön!! Ich finde es super interessant, einen 2018-Vergleich zu haben und deinen aktuellen Entstehungsprozess zu beobachten 🙂 Ich bin absolut begeistert davon, es ist wirklich klasse gworden *-*
    Liebste Grüße

    1. Hey! Entschuldige, hab deinen Kommentar jetzt erst gelesen aber hab mich sehr sehr gefreut 🙂 vielen Dank!
      Versuche mit dem neuen Blogkonzept ja gerade viel aus und wusste nicht ob solch ein Beitrag interessant ist, deswegen freue ich mich doppelt über dein liebes Feedback.

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