Leaving social media for the sake of creativity

Two weeks ago I announced a longer break from social media – the plan is to stay “offline” until January 2021.

I deleted all the apps, logged out on my laptop and felt immediate relief. I didn’t notice until then how much pressure it put upon me. Especially instagram –  everytime I’ve opened the app I got the feeling of not working hard enough because I couldn’t keep up with (almost daily) posting to please the algorithm. And I saw all the wonderful works other artist produced and compared my works to them. And since I’m currently only practicing and not creating whole artworks I felt bad all the time, as if I was so far behind all of them.

This feeling peaked while Corona Lockdown with all the staying at home and having plenty of time to scroll through social media. I lost all routines and had a really bad mindset about doing art and becoming an artist. I even thought about leaving the academy because I was convinced I could never become successful. And all of it because I compared myself the whole day. Also I noticed my art was way to much influenced by the works I saw daily. It wasn’t “mine” anymore and it depressed me even more.

I needed a break. And let me tell you – it was the best decision in a very long time.

I was really afraid of fomo (fear of missing out) but only three days later it was gone completely. The positive affects were too big and I focused on them.
One big effect was all the free time. My tracking app showed how many hours I spent on social media (and on my phone in general) every day and all this time was suddenly free. Now I’m using it for reading, learning languages and painting. Without distraction or the urge to share any of it with the whole internet. And I also used this time (and brain capacity!) to finally rebuild this blog 🙂

Another effect came after a few days without constantly seeing news and little bits and pieces of information from different people all over the world. My mind calmed down. My subconciousness wasn’t constantly overwhelmed with (mostly incomplete) information and my concentration got a lot better.
It doesn’t mean I don’t read the news anymore BUT I choose what and especially when. I prefer longer but less articels, that summarise a situation instead of throwing the latest news in my face.

Its only been two weeks without social media but I already feel my creativity creeps back. And it’s the best feeling ever. <3

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