New Beginnings – What is this blog about?

Feels good to be back!

4 years ago I started this blog and had a great time with it. I wrote about books while I was studying german language and art history in Mainz and I’ve met wonderful people over the years. I still feel at home in the book community, especially on twitter, but my main focus shifted to art – I left my old University to study art in another city, full time.

Still, books are an important part of my life and I love reading more than ever – but it came the time where I couldn’t finish more than one book a month, couldn’t keep up with the review copies I got and just felt like my book blogger time was over.
I tried to save the blog with new topics that were somehow connected to books, but everything felt wrong and so I stopped writing over one year ago.

So, why a new beginning?
Since I was a child I always loved books and drawing almost equally. Sometimes books were more important, sometimes creative expression. As an adult I had to decide.
I chose language and literature in the first place but realised pretty soon this was not the right way. And just as I changed my studies I am about to change this blog. It’s labeled as an art blog and that’s just what it’s mostly about from now on! But with this blog I want to present the life of the artist behind the works you can see online or on walls and this life isn’t only about art.

The category “Outside the studio” is dedicated for all the topics, that aren’t 100% art related. This may be the best book I’ve read this year, my bullet journal/planning or just random thoughts I want to share and discuss.

Under “Behind the Scenes” you’ll find art projects from sketch to finish, art challenges and talks about different art works and what I thought while creating them. Maybe even some commissions and the process behind them or my favorite artists and inspirations. It’s basically the complete opposite of “Outside the studio” and 100% art content.

“Art Supplies” could turn out to be my favorite category since I’m a sucker for testing new art supplies. But I’m also gonna talk about my most loved art supplies and explain how to work with them!

Currently I’m taking the rest of the year off from social media, so I won’t post anything on twitter, youtube or instagram but I’ve decided to start this blog so I’d have a creative project beside painting and drawing. And I’m so happy to be back. <3

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