GET TO KNOW THE ARTIST – Blogger edition – English

This was a thing on youtube for a while and since i don’t have a youtube channel, my only option is to make a post about it 😀 Feel free to leave a comment <3 

1. How old are you? I’m freshly 21 😊
2. Where do you live? Mannheim, Germany.
3. When did you start making art? I guess this is kind of a standard answer, but I made art my whole life. I was always passionated about it but I lost the fun at the age 14-17, because I thought I wasn’t good enough. It felt like kind of a time loss drawing stuff that doesn’t look good and I hate myself for thinking that way – In those three years I could have developed my style so much, so the real time loss was not believing in myself.
4. Did you attend art classes in primary and high school? In germany we have another system, art classes are obligated here – so, yes, I did.
5. Have you gone to art school? If yes, where did you study? Unfortunately not
6. Do you regularly use a sketchbook? Yes and I think it is super important to have one
7. Do you have any pets? If so, do you let them in your creative space? In Mannheim I have none, but at my parent’s there are living a crazy cat and a cute doggo. Of course they are allowed in my room!
8. What are your favourite art styles?Watercolor and linework
9. What inspires you? Different things. Photography, nature, books, mythology, old paintings I learn about in Uni..
10. You can only choose one: still life, landscape or portrait? Portrait!
11. Favourite medium? Watercolor. I always try new mediums but at the end of the day i feel the best with simple watercolors 🙂
12. Leave favourite medium? Acryl
13. Do you listen to music while creating? If so, what? I’m more the audio book hearing artist
14. What’s your favourite part about your creative process? The sketch and the last details, like the white plop in the eyes or a detail with golden paint
15. What’s your least favourite part about your creative process? The state in the middle when the piece ALWAYS looks like crap
16. Are you more likely to plan your art or just jump right in? I try to plan it, but most of the time I create new ideas in the middle or swap the color palette. So both I guess 😀
17. How many hours a week do you spend making art? I cannot say because I have weeks in which I do nearly nothing but drawing and then I have weeks without any sketch or finished painting. Maybe I should start tracking it, like some authors do it to check their productivity..
18. Are you obsessed with art supplies? No, I’m happy with the ones I already own. But those I love of course!
19. Do you think someone can be naturally talented at art? Difficult question. I guess there is something like a talent, but I guess this only helps to learn drawing a lot easier. With the right afford, anyone can learn it. And even for talented people it takes so much time to get better!
20. Why do you make art? Also a difficult question. It’s definitely a way of self-expression, drawing itself is a way to find yourself and it’s also kind of a therapy. Really, art is everything for me! And I’m always so glad when I created something that made another person happy. Best feeling in the world.

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