10 Reasons why i love reading – english

1. Personal growth

Reading was and still is a big part of my personal development. Of course I’ve read many books which didn’t affect me in a certain way, but also there are the special ones, the life changing ones. I won’t say that my lifechanging books are the ones, that will affect your point of view in any way, I guess everyone has to find their own stories. But all in all I think books can help to grow as a person, expanding your views in life and help to develop your character.


2. Silence

I am a person who needs absolute quiet time by time. Especially after a long and loud day in university and the noise in the trains, which i have to face way to often as a commuter. It’s the most relaxing thing to hear nothing but the voice in your head to calm yourself. 

3. It fights boredom

Captain Obvious strikes again – reading is something you can DO, so you don’t have to sit around, stare at the ceiling and waste your life! Books are my life savers when it comes to spend three to four hours per day in the train.

4. Brain training

Especially reading more intricated books will boost your brain effectiveness. A study at Emory University in the US found that reading a book causes heightened connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that persist even after you’ve stopped reading. Also reading can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and improves the memory!

5. To see other peoples’ perspective

The only experience of life is our own, but books allow us to learn about the lives of other people, even fictional ones, but also the author’s view of life is transported in his books. It can be very helpful to see things through different perspectives.

6. Books connect people

Especially as a book blogger you will find maaaany people who share the same interests as you do! Maybe you will meet them at a Book Fair or a meeting for blogger. But also as an “normal” reader books are a perfect way to start a conversation!

7. Getting and giving better help

Books can be extremely helpful if you go through a hard time of your life. There’s basically a book for every situation and if you are not suffering from a serious mental health problem, you can find a book that will help you through your situation. Also you can read to understand problems of the people surrounding you, so you can be more supportive to them! For example, your best friends suffers under Anorexia and you struggle to understand her/him fully and be a supportive person to her/him, scientific books about Anorexia could be very helpful for you.

8. Gaining knowledge (learn a new language)

Of course many books are super educational, especially the non-fictional ones. I, personally, love to read art history, philosophy and science books and always gain new knowledge from them. 
But books are also a great way to learn a new language! My English was horrible in school, but after I graduated I started to read in English, which helped so much to improve my language skills (as you can tell it’s still not perfect, but it’s a constant way of improvement).

9. Traveling in your mind

Books are an easy and cheap way to travel. They can transport you to any place of and beyond the world in your mind. But also they make you witness situations you could only dream of or even situations you loathe. To place a quote from “A Song of Ice and Fire”: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one”. 

10. There is a book for every situation  

Whether you’re in the mood for an easy-read or a heavy story, you will find the right book. There are soooo many amazing books out there, so many genres, everyone can find the perfect book for every situation! Also everyone can find the perfect genre for him or herself, you don’t have to read fantasy when your more of the non-fictional type of person. 

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