[Review] Harry Potter Film Wizardry – english

Take a look behind the magic of the Harry Potter movies!

The book covers all the eight movies with chapters about the characters, the big sets for Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade for example, magical creatures and fantastic stories about the wizadry world. You will find informations about how the actors developed over the years, about all the villains Harry had and so on.
The book is designed like a scrapbook, which means the pages are covered in photos from the set, the actors, movie scenes, illustrations and even stuff like a Marauders Map or the Hogwarts letter for you to take out of the book. 

I have to admit, I didn’t expect much of this book. I thought I knew enough about the Harry Potter world, and I saw a few movie making of videos, but this book totally got me. You won’t find out much new information about the wizadry world itself, basically about the producer, the actors, the film sets etc – of course, because it’s the movie book. BUT it’s so perfectly designed and written!
The chapters are separated in the eight movies but also in different locations, where you get informations how they designed and filmed for example the Hogwarts castle or the dementors. You can read texts from Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and all the other important actors or helping hands about how they interacted behind the scene, how they got the role and so on. Super interesting.
It’s totally mind blowing how much work and time is needed, to create minor details most of us didn’t even noticed in the movies for sure! One of my favorite page was the one about Hagrid and how they managed to let him look so big.
I don’t want to spoil any information so I guess I have to stop here.

This book is done with so much love! You could spent hours to look at every page and still find details you didn’t notice in the first place. Plenty of photos shot behind the scene, illustrations and notes you won’t find anywhere else. This movie companion is probably the best thing any fan could wish for! 

2 Kommentare zu „[Review] Harry Potter Film Wizardry – english“

  1. Die Begleitbücher zu den Filmen stehen auch noch auf meiner Wunschliste. Finde die auch richtig schön gestaltet und war davon gleich beeindruckt. Mit 40 € sind die aber auch nicht unbedingt günstig, weshalb ich sie mir gerade schlichtweg als Studentin einfach nicht leisten kann.

    Aber sobald sich das ändert, werde ich mir die nach und nach mal zulegen.

    Lg Nicole

  2. Jaa da hast du definitiv recht. Ich hab es mir mit einem Gutschein gekauft 😀
    Aber es sind ja zum Glück nicht nur Bilder, sondern auch wirklich gute Texte und man hat relativ lange was von dem Buch

    Liebste Grüße !

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