[DIY] How to turn your handwriting into a font – easy and free – english

Searching for an individual way to design your website, blog or something else on pc? You should definitely turn your personal handwriting into a special font! The best thing about it – you can also create your own little emojis.

1. All you need is a black pen, a scanner and a printer (and, of course, internet). Click on this link to visit MyScriptFont.com, this is the website that allows us to turn our handwriting super easy and fast into a font. And absolutely free! No worries 🙂 

2. Download the template as a PDF or PNG (I chose PDF). There’s the first trick: when you download the PDF, convert it into JPG. I had to print the PDF version two times to realize, that my printer changed the format and when that happens the font will come out wrong
This is how it will look: 

So make sure to have the exact size!

3. Fill the boxes with your black pen. Make sure to stay in the light grey boxes! That’s super important.  On the botton of the template you have boxes for “optional letters” – That’s where you can create personal emojis or little decorations! Select a letter or symbol and paint something. For example: When I type the letter “Ó”, there will appear a cute tiny cat!

4. Scan it. It should look something like that:

5. Enhance the contrast in your favorite editing program (for example the website picmonkey which is also free). You should have a clean white background and deep black letters:

6. Upload your file on MyScriptFont

7. Chose “True Type Font” (TTP) 

8. Name your font

9. Click “send file” and wait

10. Now, if your template had the right size and you stayed inside the grey boxes, there’ll come this sentence in YOUR handwriting! Now click on the blue link to download 🙂

11. So, how to install this font? I can only explain it for windows, but I’m sure there are plenty explanations on the internet how to install a new font on apple.
For all the windows users:
Search for a folder named “Windows”and open it.

12. Search “Fonts” and copy your downloaded TTP file into “Fonts”. It installs automatically – easy as that!

8 Kommentare zu „[DIY] How to turn your handwriting into a font – easy and free – english“

  1. Ich bin zwar nicht wirklich ein großer Technik-Freak, aber diese Erklärung ist so ausführlich und verständlich, dass ich mich mal rantraue und es probiere. Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Tipp!
    Liebe Litnetzwerk-Grüße von

  2. Haha das kenne ich, ich komme mit Technik leider auch nicht so gut zurecht. Aber das hier ist wirklich kinderleicht!
    Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt und ich hoffe es klappt bei dir auch 🙂
    Liebste Grüße zurück!

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