9 Ways to find inspiration – overcome artist’s block – english

find inspiration

EVERY artist will sooner or later go through the artist‘s block and feel a lack of inspiration and ideas what to create. Since I have those days like every month I thought I’d share my tips and tricks to get out of this hole fast and find inspiration. 

Don’t wait for motivation to draw again
It can be very depressing to feel like everything you create looks like crap or is boring. But it won’t get better if you draw nothing and asking yourself why you can’t draw as good as all the other artists who seem to have one awesome idea after another and paint them easily.

Practice instead of drawing something big
Try to make something useful out of those days on which you won’t create the painting of your life.
Take your sketchbook and watch some tutorials or search for references and work on your weaknesses or even improve the skills you already have. It will be a big motivation when you look at your sketches at the end of the day and notice improvement!

Try something new
Sometimes it can be very inspiring to get new tools and utensils or even use some of your stuff which lays untouched for months/years in a box (in my case it’s oil paint, pastel chalk) – you will get many ideas what to draw and test with your “new” tools 🙂

Don’t force yourself and do something else but don’t skip drawing for days
I guess it’s important to stay focused and to draw and practice nearly every day, but this doesn’t mean you have to sketch all day long.

Do something else, for example go hiking, meet with friends, binge watch a new serie – whatever clears your head and creates space for new inspiration.

 Look at photographs, paintings, movies, nature, read books and search for artist that inspires you.
Sometimes it can be very helpful to look at the ideas of other people to find ideas for your own work. BUT DON’T COPY!

Sketch everything that’s in your head
Keep your sketchbook at your side. Don’t think too much and expect it to be perfect, just paint your thoughts and maybe they’ll turn out to look awesome and you’ll want to paint it in big 🙂

Redraw an old painting
This will give you a new perspective on something you already drew. Also it will be a big motivation to see your improvement.

Collect things that inspires you
Pictures on pinterest are my holy grail! But you can collect basically everything. Dried flowers, pictures from magazines, photographs, book illustrations.. Find the things that work for you

And remember, you are not alone with your problem! This doesn’t make you a worse artist. 

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