Books I’ve read | January

6 books and 2617 pages in total – not bad for one month in which I should have learned for university instead of getting lost in books for hours. Ooops. 

The month started with “Graceling” by Kristin Chashore (german edition) – I really don’t know what to think about this story, that’s why I don’t have a full review online yet. The idea is great, no doubt! But there’s something in her way of writing and her way to connect different plotlines that causes a permanent distance to the character, even to the main character Katy. I enjoyed reading this book though, but it wasn’t a highlight or a five star novel for me.


Next one was ‘’Opal – A Lux Novel” by Jennifer L. Armentrout (german edition), which is the third book of the Lux series. The book before that was an amazing page tuner from the beginning on but this one is more like the first book of the series – slow in the beginning but the ending is sooooo awesome, oh my gosh. I desperately want to read the next book, in English this time, even if the german cover design is waaaaaaaaay prettier, isn’t it? Full review coming soon!

One of my two highlights this month was “Everything Everything” by Nicola Yoon(german edition), it comprises the full range of emotions – from laughing over hating to crying everything was included. I don’t know why I empathized so much with the main character but I read this book in one day, not able to lay it aside. Also the real text is shorter than you would expect because many pages are full of lovely design graphics and doodles and stuff like that. The book is like a diary, which was awesome. Full review will be online soon, maybe in german language only.

Something I’ve read from time to time, always only a few pages, is “Die Kunst des Zeichnens” by Walter Foster, which means something like “the art of drawing” (there is no english edition available). So as you can tell it’s a book which teaches you to draw, and even though I’m not a total beginner I’ve found some pretty helpful tips and tricks! Especially for drawing flowers and plants. I will do a whole article about art books, so stay tuned if you’re interested in learning some more skills from books 🙂

Next novel was “Boarderlines” by Andreas Brendt, which is an autobiographic story about a worldtrip which included many funny and also dangerous situations as well as beautiful landscapes and awesome peoples. Really enjoyed it, in fact it was one of those life chancing books for me! I have a full review online, but in german only – Click here.

My absolute highlight of the Month was “Lady Midnight” by Cassandra Clare aka the new queen of fantasy <3 It’s the first book of a new trilogy stationed in the shadowhunter world and therefore a must read for all the fans of “The mortal instrument” or “The infernal devices”. This was the biggest book I’ve ever read in English, so I needed some time to finish it – but is was totally worth the effort. You can find my full English review here!

From now on you will see more english books in my “What I’ve read last month”☺ 

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